Entourage has the mission to help Advisors create not only great yearbooks, but to lead great yearbook programs at their school.  We also strive to help provide the professional development, training, and teaching tools to help yearbook teachers and advisor create an easier and more meaningful yearbook for their students and their communities.  

As part of that mission, Entourage has formed the Academy of Advisors, a program for yearbook advisors who want to become part of the professional community driving the most ambitious and successful yearbook programs in the country.  The Academy provides:

  • A common set of standards to measure the professional development of our yearbook advisors across all dimensions of managing a yearbook program (e.g., journalism, design, education, fundraising, and community impact)
  • A development program to help advisors receive the resources and training required to improve in all areas of yearbook program management
  • Recognition of the top tier of Yearbook Professionals who have mastered all aspects of running a successful yearbook program
  • Access to a community of professional yearbook advisors and organizers who can help advisors at other schools

The Academy of Yearbook Advisors is lead by Entourage’s Yearbook Advisor’s Council, a group of 6 to 8 Master and Elite Level Yearbook Advisors who help guide the Academy in regards to training priorities, recognition awards, and professional standard setting.  The Advisor’s Council also helps coordinate the Entourage annual High School Advisors Conference held in July and the various Entourage SYTE training sessions that are held around the country.

Currently, the Entourage Academy has over 1,000 members with over 200 Master Level Yearbook Advisors and 12 Elite Level Yearbook advisors around the the country. The benefits of being part of the Entourage Academy of Advisors are:

  • You will receive professional certification and recognition for your work as a yearbook advisor / organizer
  • Access to free training in how to improve various aspects of your yearbook program (journalism, photography, technology, fundraising, etc.)
  • Access to a number of free upgrades and services Entourage provides for master and elite level yearbook advisors
  • Easy access to contact other yearbook advisors who can help answer questions and provide support for your yearbook program

If you would like to be part of the Entourage Academy of Advisors you can simply fill out our online form or email us at academy@entourageyearbooks.com.