Master Advisor Consulting Program

The following Compensation program is intended for Master and Elite advisors who are interested in helping other yearbook advisors in the Entourage Academy. If your school district or professional affiliation restricts you from receiving compensation for helping other schools, you will not be eligible to participate in this program. The following Compensation program is designed to provide remuneration for advisors and yearbook volunteers for their time helping other yearbook advisors.

Consulting Projects

Instructional Help Videos – Entourage is always looking to update and create new instruction videos for our online system.  If you would like to learn how to create instructional videos, Entourage can help you learn. Instructional videos are posted on Entourage’s help website and used by all our schools.  Fully edited help videos $150. Non-edited help videos $80.

Yearbook Kick Start 2-3 hours introductory training program to help Novice advisors get started on their yearbook program. Kick start includes overview on how to use the Entourage system of tools, to access help, sharing best practices in organizing people, creating a schedule, and discussing the top ten common mistakes made in creating yearbooks. (Master $80 + travel expenses, Elite $120 + travel expenses)

Webinar Training 45-60 minutes online training session on how to use Entourage Online tools and discuss how to organize your yearbook project (Master $30, Elite $40)

On-Site Yearbook Rescue 1-2 hours if a school needs on-site help while in the process of making their yearbook, a Master or Elite advisor can be called in to help provide the support needed to get the yearbook back on track (Master $80+ travel expenses, Elite $120 + travel expenses)

Submission of Yearbook Material for the Academy – if you have material such as lesson plans, worksheets, tests, reference guides, training material, etc. that you believe the Entourage Academy will benefit from, we are excited to receive it. Any material that is accepted and posted onto the Academy’s Online Repository of Resources will be reimbursed at $10 – $80 per submission.

Yearbook Proofreading Service – sometimes yearbook advisors need an outside set of eyes to help proofread their yearbook. For Master and Elite advisors interested in providing proofreading services, this is an opportunity to see other yearbooks before they are finalized and assist other schools in making great yearbooks too (For every 3 hours proofreading: Master $80, Elite $120)

Travel expenses – $0.35 per mile + tolls, if bus/train/flight is required you will be reimbursed in full. Travel expenses must be submitted via Entourage Academy’s Reimbursement form