Entourage Ambassadors

We are looking for advisors who are interested in helping Entourage explore and establish new regional offices.  We are looking to sponsor a number of “Ambassadors” across the United States who can help us evaluate and develop Entourage Yearbook accounts in select regions for the purpose of helping in our mission to open a number of new regional offices.

An Entourage Ambassador is a Master Level yearbook advisor who can be a proponent for Entourage school services in their designated region.  They will be asked to help our corporate office to identify schools that can benefit from using Entourage’s services and to provide regional support and expertise as we develop relationships in different regions.  The Entourage Ambassador will be responsible for:

  • Identifying and evaluating schools that might benefit from using Entourage’s services
  • Working with Entourage’s corporate office on various marketing campaigns and investments (e.g., sponsorships, conferences, training sessions) into the regions
  • Helping to identify and recruit sales and service employees that can support the region
  • Participating in training sessions and workshops that are held in the region
  • Providing support for other schools that work with Entourage in your designated region

Entourage Ambassadors are eligible for compensation for their support. You can learn more about the program by contacting us at academy@entourageyearbooks.com.

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