To be a great yearbook advisor is no small task. That’s why Entourage Academy has created a program for advisors to be recognized. The Academy consists of four levels of Advisors: Elite, Master, Veteran and Novice.

Entourage recognizes the yearbook advisors who have demonstrated great organization, knowledge and leadership in the management of their school yearbooks. As a distinguished advisor, you will be entitled to a series of Advisor Privileges that not only make your yearbook project more enjoyable, but also celebrate your hard work, dedication, and success.

Novice Advisor

We know that the creation of a yearbook program can seem a bit overwhelming for a new advisor, and Entourage Academy is happy to provide you with an awesome array of tools and resources to help get you on track. As a Novice advisor, you will have access to our knowledgeable technical support staff, as well as numerous help pages, video tutorials, content galleries, a digital yearbook kit, and advice directly from the Advisor’s Council members.

More specifically, Entourage Academy will provide all Novice advisors with the option to use our Yearbooks 101 Training, which includes:

  • Basic training on EDOnline Yearbook Software and website
  • Fundraising Tips
  • Editing
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Yearbook Staff Motivation
  • School Politics
    • Proofreading training

Veteran Advisor

Once you have attained two or more years of yearbook building experience, you will become a Veteran advisor. By this point, you are adept and confident with the yearbook project and working toward building an efficient and exciting program. As a Veteran advisor, you are capable of doing the following:

  • Use of EDOnline and all basic technologies
  • Full understanding of deadlines
  • Resolving all common mistakes and issues
  • Budget management
  • Handing out of yearbooks

In order to enter candidacy to become a Master Advisor, you will need additional training and resources. Entourage is happy to provide you with the tools you require for the next level of the Academy:

  • Head Start Training
    • How to take what you’ve learned and apply it earlier and more efficiently with tips on
      • Online Sales
      • Marketing
      • Fundraising
  • Problem Assessment
    • Consultation with Entourage account manager, going over what went well, what went right, and what you can do better this year
  • Advanced training with EDOnline and the website
  • How to recruit a yearbook staff
    • Assigning students with roles that match their strengths
  • Customized Billing
    • Pay on your own schedule
  • Customized Submission Deadlines
    • Work at your own pace while maintaining reasonable goals
  • Advanced Yearbook Ideas
    • View examples of the upgrades to add flair and prestige to your yearbook
  • Budget and Facility Assessment
    • Entrance Interview Form and Visit

To assist you in becoming a Master advisor, Entourage Academy also grants Veteran advisors with:

  • Free Production Rush (2 days)
  • 3 free Design Points

Master Advisor

A Master advisor exists in the top 10% of yearbook advisors in the world, and they are capable of turning a basic yearbook program into an efficient, fun, and profitable enterprise. A Master advisor’s efforts can energize students, parents, and the entire school community by maintaining a yearbook program they can all be proud of.

Master Advisors are capable of the following:

  • Mastered EDOnline and all of the technologies needed to build the book
  • Budget management and profit margins
  • Marketing
  • Resolution of both common and more complex issues

Running a project this complex is difficult, but Entourage provides the following tools to help Master advisors provide a great yearbook:

  • Free Production Rush (3 days)
  • 3 free Design Points
  • $100 EntourageGO credit
  • Free cover kit
  • Access to the VIP Support Line
  • An achievement certificate
  • Elite Level Training
    • Graphic Design
    • Fundraising
  • Master Yearbook Program
    • Option to visit novice yearbook advisors and teach them how to better manage their project
  • Discounted attendance to Yearbook Conference

Elite Advisor

The paragon of yearbook program professionals, the Elite advisor is in the top 1% of yearbook advisors in the world. From design to fundraising, the Elite is an expert in all aspects of the yearbook program; real and positive change comes to a school and it’s community when an Elite advisor is handed the reins. In addition to the tools given to the other advisor levels, Elite advisors receive:

  • A published article about the school yearbook program
  • Sponsored attendance to the Entourage Conference
  • Honorary Plaque